AU where Joe is young and was adopted by Yoko, who canon-aged Rikiishi also lives with. Joe rushes out in the evening when Rikiishi is not home, and complains that he has no one to help him take a bath because Rikiishi is normally the one to do so. Yoko sees this as the perfect opportunity to sate her paraphilic desires, and takes Joe to the bath. She fondles his body as she washes him, plays with his little penis, and tests out his young hole!

[Ashita no Joe] [Joe Yabuki/Yoko Shiraki] [Alternate universe] [Shotacon] [M/F] [Male Victim/Female Assailant]

Run Loose

Sachi successfully seduces Joe, taking him to her bedroom with her girlish charm. Joe is completely charmed by her youth and childish body as Sachi takes an initiative role. Though he is at an extreme power advantage because of his strength and size, Joe takes it gently at first, but Sachi is there to give him everything that a girl his age can!

[Ashita no Joe] [Joe Yabuki/Sachi] [Lolicon] [M/F] [Female Victim/Male Assailant]

Wild Boy

Joe brings the dog from the park back home. He is enamored with the creature, from its soft fur to its pink, swelling knot. Enjoy as the OPBF champion gets fucked by a feral animal! This more brutal
and direct depiction of Joe having sex with a dog will serve as inspiration for when I write his torture porn. I plan for Yoko to make Joe suck a doggie dick/get fucked, as opposed to it being voluntary.

[Ashita no Joe] [Joe Yabuki] [M/Other] [Bestiality]

Joe Yabuki Torture - Sample 1

Takes place in an AU where Joe and Yoko's socioeconomic statuses have swapped. Yoko opposes wealthy!Joe's charity to the poor, so she kidnaps and rapes him until he dies. In this sample concept, him and Yoko take a trip to the toilet. This will eventually evolve into a full fic, hopefully.

[Ashita no Joe] [Joe Yabuki/Yoko Shiraki] [Alternate universe] [Pegging] [Violence] [M/F] [Male Victim/Female Assailant]